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Autorefractometry: Exam carried out with infrared autorefractometer.

Optometry exam: Our optic and optometry équipe through a complete accurate visual screening and detail exams such as visual acuity, colour perception, retinoscopy, oftalmoscope, refraction and others will evaluate your visual aptitudes.

Refraction: An exam carried out with most sophisticated computerized machines, results compared with previous ones, are recorded in a personal clientele profile card.

Orthotic eye exam: Cover test, amplyopia exam, stereoscopic exam, convection exam, orhtotic exam and body position.

Low vision : Educational visual exercise, domicile visits, free try of sun lens selected. You will find the most advanced optical devices for treating low vision problems such as magnifying lens, magnifying eyeglasses, prismatic and electronic systems, magnifying video. Payment through A.S.L. Dealing with companies as: Eschenbach (Germania) - Zeiss (Germania) Essilor (Francia) Fatif (Svezia).
Contact lens application: Tear test, Schrimer or quantity test and break up time or quality tear test. Contact lens application gas soft and permeable, traditional, toric, progressive and post-surgical intervention.
Companies dealt: Ciba Vision – Baush & Lomb - Hydron Welsey Jessen - Johnson & Johnson.
Lens edging: Each lens is measured, centered and shaped lens with laboratory computerized bevel edger where technical problems are linked to specific visual defects, are treated with absolute attention in order to optimize the final esthetic result of the eyeglass.